Company Support Services

You're a large company. High overhead cost. High labor costs. Outsource your largest or smallest effort to us and we'll cut your cost in hal!
  • We take the time, work through a precise definition and design research that will define the market more precisely as well as meet its other goals
  • We’ll bring together technologies to get your work done better, faster and less expensively, even when we are located on the other side of the world
  • We help you focus on your core business and help make your products more robust and competitive

We optimize the value of knowledge, content, collaboration and learning and make it visible and accessible through:

Web Mining

Our in-house data collection capabilities provide major quality control advantages as well as efficiencies, particularly in Web Mining. Through Web Mining, we have been
  • Acquiring details about various organizations including support groups, disease-specific organizations, cross-cultural organizations anywhere with a quick turnaround time
  • Mining the web and providing you with the region specific details of hospitals and the respective department heads, facility directors, pharmacists, opinion Leaders/ambassadors for a particular therapeutic area, lab technicians, coordinators,  nurses and nurse managers
  • Compiling categories of latest news abuzz in the market for a particular drug, disease, individual  or a company
  • Helping you find and understand your markets and your customers by identifying what they will need to know to understand your product

We take many other steps to ensure quality control which includes editing open ends to ensure accuracy and comprehensibility, monitoring to validate accuracy/precision, evaluating productivity, and assessing the depth of probing.


We can meet any tabulation request. We can provide you with Multiple Banner Tables, Visual graphs and charts, Conjoint Tables and more. We carry out predictive analytics involving statistical tools such as hypothesis testing, conjoint analysis, time series and sales forecasting to help you answer one or more testable questions that could turn around critical business decisions. We employ windows-comprehensive statistical softwares such as SPSS 16.0 & SAS 9.1.3 to

  • Generate decision-making information quickly for social science and market research
  • Understand and effectively present your results with high-quality tabular and graphical output, share your results using a variety of reporting methods

Data Automation and Reporting

At Primus, We provide Data Automation and Reporting capabilities on a number of levels to meet your needs, from daily progress reports and basic tabulations through fully customized presentations and interactive reports.