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About Us

Primus Analytics provides innovative and customized services to the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, which need extensive support in the areas of business and market research. In the ever-changing pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector, global competition is becoming stronger and innovation cycles and product lifecycles are growing ever shorter. At the same time, a greater diversity of products is flooding the market, with much faster delivery times than before

The need for informed business decisions and regulatory practices has radically increased with the healthcare sector breaking the set-barriers of growth and costs. Market challenges require changes and adjustments within the corporate structure. We recommend implementation of knowledge outsourcing in the overall corporate strategy to help companies to be more efficient, focus on their key success factors, and work on their unique capabilities

Our Mission

  • To build long term strategic partnership with our clients by delivering quality and value consistently.
  • To deliver cost-effective, quality-centric and scalable solutions
  • To tailor-make products and services and avoid off-the-shelf approach
  • To help clients shorten the path between their vision and reality by mobilizing the right resources and technologies

Our Approach

Why work with us

We believe that a company’s unwavering values and principles serve as the coherent ‘glue’ to organizational performance. The hallmarks of our approach include:

Client Delight: We strive for nothing short of total, uncompromising Client Delight. We believe in building strong, deep relationships with our clients. This isn't a matter of policy - this is woven into the fabric of our corporate and personal DNA.
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Team Culture: We have a highly bonded and energetic team which proactively ferments a high performing culture. We regularly take stock of our organizational culture and values to help us set out guidelines and strategies for enhancing productivity.
Long-Term Relationships: Short term projects may get discrete jobs done but they don’t provide sustainable value. By the time the project team is up to speed; your project is almost complete. With each day that passes, our dedicated teams increase their understanding of your product, your customer needs and the knowledge stack. This translates into higher productivity and increasing ROI as time goes on.
Round-the-clock Service and Global Delivery: Today, we have a truly enabled global delivery model with active presence of our team in both US and India. As India’s time zone suits most off-shore companies, we have our operational set up there while our business development and a quality control team, which sits in Williamsburg, Virginia to liaison closely with our client. Hence, we combine the advantages of a local set up with lower outsourcing costs. The end effect is like a American company working at Indian prices. Since, we follow a round-the-clock schedule; you find your business on the top priority all the time. Besides, it allows you to monitor the quality of the work done on 24/7 basis. We command effective governance over operations through executive sponsorship of each client relationship.
Dedicated, Purpose-Built Teams: We understand the unique needs of each development organization. Team members are recruited as you would for your own organization. We do not cobble together a team from existing employees and shuffle them around as our needs shift. We build client teams with continuity to deliver long-term, sustainable results.
High Degree of Collaboration: Without real collaboration, speed, value and innovation are compromised. We don’t use a black box model. From day one of the relationship we utilize a variety of common collaboration tools to accelerate in-context knowledge transfer and knowledge capture, daily interactions and governance.


Amarnath ReddyManaging Director

Amar has been instrumental in setting up Primus Analytics in India with a vision of providing high quality business, sales and market research and technology services for Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies by utilizing India's rich knowledge resources to the optimum level. He has rich experience in knowledge process and IT outsourcing. Prior to starting Primus, Amar had close to 7 years of professional experience in IT development, technology and business consulting. As a business technology consultant, he has structured and facilitated efficient and practical strategic planning process for a wide variety of fortune 500 companies aimed at increasing their IT operational efficiencies while keeping the costs down. In the past, he has actively engaged with clients like Novartis, PacifiCare, Ingenix, Mutual of Omaha, eBay and Credit Suisse in providing a variety of technology and business solutions.

Swathi Meghraj Director - Operations

Swathi has been at the helm of Primus operations since its inception in 2006. She has been instrumental in conceptualizing and building key products in the areas of Social Media and Market Intelligence, KOL Practice, Health Literacy and Drugs Adverse Events. She is well-versed with the US pharma market especially in niche therapeutic areas. Prior to joining Primus, Swathi had product management and marketing experience in Invonex Pharmaceuticals at Hyderabad, India.